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<<< For the Practices 

01. Cost-Effective

A annual subscription for practices and free for locums so connecting with one another has never been easier and cheaper!


Locums can find every locum shift across the UK. No more email tennis or cold calling. No more admin time for practices trying to secure locums! Simply add, apply award!  

03. Trustworthy 

Booking with a locum or practice directly has its challenges. How do you know if you will like the place? How do you know if the locum will be any good? Our bespoke review system and profile accounts allows you to easily see reviews of the place/person and know that all checks like 'right to work and RCVS has been done for you. So if your friend or neighbouring practice are giving 5 stars..then you might be onto a winner! 

For the Locums >>>>


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Build your own Locum Bank 

With Management For Locums, practices can easily build their own bank of reliable and trusted locums. Our platform offers automated booking services, allowing practices to quickly and efficiently book the right locum for each shift, saving them valuable time and money. By streamlining the locum management process, practices can focus on providing excellent care to their patients and growing their business.



At Management For Locums, our story is one of passion, experience, and dedication. As a locum RVN with over a decade of experience, I founded MFL because I understand the challenges faced by locums and practices alike. I have built this platform to simplify the locum management process and provide a space for direct communication and trust-building between locums and practices. Our platform is built on the basics and designed to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of the community. We are committed to working with locums and practices to continually improve and enhance our platform, making it the go-to solution for all locum management needs.


Our vision is to revolutionise the locum management process, making it simple, streamlined, and efficient for all involved. We believe in the power of direct communication, trust-building, and innovation to create a platform that meets the unique needs of locums and practices alike. Our ultimate goal is to create a community of veterinary professionals who support one another and work together to provide the best possible care to animals. We are non-biased community and support all aspects of the locum industry understanding the different needs of everyone. 


Management For Locums is powered by advanced technology designed to simplify and streamline. Our platform offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making it simple for practices to build their own bank of trusted locums and book shifts with ease or use a third party within our software. We utilise innovative communication and review systems to facilitate direct communication and build trust between locums and practices. Our technology is flexible and adaptable, allowing us to continuously evolve and enhance our platform to meet the unique needs of the veterinary community.



A huge supporter of our Founder at MFL and the number one place for your practice equipment!



A trusted agency of Management for Locums. Can be found on our brand new platform!

I4 Umbrella Group

I4 Umbrella Group

A well known umbrella company on all veterinary supplier lists. Great for locums starting off in the locum world!



A veterinary run financial company offering support in all financial areas. From accountants to pension.

Vet Empowered

Vet Empowered

Vet Empowered was founded in 2020 by Katie Ford and Claire Grigson, both vets and certified coaches, trained in a number of modalities.

MolyMed Supplies

MolyMed Supplies

Add some personality to your new locum uniform! For veterinary professionals by veterinary professionals!

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Feedback  Review  Testimonial (2)
Feedback  Review  Testimonial
Feedback  Review  Testimonial (1)

Built off a credit system (days you need a locum)  we cater for all practices from sole charge to busy hospitals.  Swap and change between subscriptions based on your needs!


Let's give you a break

Give yourself the gift of worry-free holidays with our £250 annual subscription! Get the peace of mind you deserve by having reliable locum coverage, allowing you to enjoy well-deserved breaks without stress. Let us handle your holiday coverage needs so you can recharge and return to a thriving practice. 

20 Credits 

£250 PA


Got a recruitment gap? 

Secure seamless transitions and uninterrupted service with our £3999 annual subscription! Let us handle your maternity or recruitment breaks, ensuring consistent care and smooth operations while you find the perfect permanent addition to your team. Invest in peace of mind and focus on finding the ideal long-term fit for your practice.

365 credits 

£3999 PA 


Unlimited Support!

Unlock the flexibility you need with our £4999 annual subscription! Gain access to a pool of skilled locums, available whenever you need them, to seamlessly cover ongoing or ad hoc shifts for a variety of roles. You can ensure your practice is fully staffed and running smoothly, no matter the fluctuations in demand.

2000 credits 

£4999 PA 

Make the most of Management For Locums' affordable and flexible subscription service now and get the whole of May FREE plus the next 12 months of additional features that suit you..FREE!

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