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At MFL, we believe that locums are the missing puzzle piece in a veterinary practice's journey. This is because we can step in when someone needs to step out, which can happen for a whole host of reasons - holiday, illness, maternity/paternity, or a recruitment gap, to name but a few!

However, whilst it should be straight forward, historically connecting locums and practices has been challenging - well until now that is! On the MFL platform, you log in and boom, there’s a whole map of locum shifts across the UK just waiting for you. You can then book a shift right there and then, chat with the practice, manage your calendar, track your expenses, and so much more.


We're proud to have built an all inclusive platform, to support the amazing work locums are doing in looking after the nation's animals.

Full UK Shift Availability

Expert Community

Secure Chat

IR35 Compliant

One Click Applications

Resources and Guides

Encrypted File Share

Expenses Recorded

Practice Rating System

Calendar Management

Tax Calulculated

GDPR Compliant

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We're always looking for new and innovative ways to support our community, whether be sharing compelling stories in our blog, creating a non-biased MFL Facebook Group, or even putting together our own locum guide, which you can download below.  

Whatever support you need from us, we're here to provide it!

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Have questions? We've got answers! Check out our FAQs below for answers to common inquiries about our platform, support, and more.

What is a veterinary locum?

A veterinary locum is a qualified veterinary professional, such as a vet or a veterinary nurse, who provides temporary or short-term staffing assistance to veterinary practices. Locums can fill in for permanent staff during holidays, illness, or other absences.

What is Management For Locums (MFL)?

MFL is a comprehensive platform designed to simplify locum staffing for veterinary practices. It includes resources, a community for locum professionals, as well as a subscription-based platform for practices to find and book locums.

How much does it cost to use MFL as a locum?

MFL is completely free for locums! To get started register here, and you'll be granted full access to our bespoke resource bank, as well as community forums, where you'll be able to interact with locum professionals throughout the entirety of the UK.

Why should I consider working as a locum?

Working as a locum offers flexibility in your schedule, and the opportunity to gain experience in different practices. It's perfect for finding your forever practice without the need to job hop, all whilst enjoying your own life even more.

How do I find locum opportunities?

You can find locum opportunities direct through the Management for Locums (MFL) platform. Here we keep your conversations, bookings and T+Cs safe all in one place, so you can readily access them whenever they're needed

What is the 'resources and community' part of MFL?

The 'resources and community' section of MFL is designed to help locum professionals succeed in their roles. It provides educational resources, support, and a sense of community for locum vets and nurses to excel in practices.

Can I be part of the community and not use the MFL platform?

Yes, you can be part of the MFL community and partake in our community activities without using the platform for job placements. We are a non-biased community – meaning we will support you with whichever route you decide to take.

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